December Lecture Announced: The Schneider Trophy contest: 1913-1931

Mike Marsden; Former Head of Wind Tunnels, Airbus 

Wednesday 12th December 2012 – 6.30pm

Room 1 , BAWA Leisure Centre, 589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7RG
The RAeS Bristol lectures welcome all interested members and nonmembers. 

A competition to encourage the development of commercial marine aviation was announced by Frenchman Jacques Schneider in 1912. For the time this was far-sighted thinking, because in 1912 only a handful of seaplanes existed worldwide. However Schneider’s hopes for his contest were not realised, and commercial marine aircraft developed quite independently of the Schneider Trophy. The speed element of the Schneider Trophy soon overshadowed other aspects, and led to the production of specialised and impractical racing seaplanes. But the aircraft were undeniably exciting, and captured the imagination of the public. In later years, winning the Schneider Trophy contest became a matter of national pride and prestige between America, Britain and Italy. The Schneider Trophy competition may not have fulfilled the original hopes of Jacques Schneider, but it did help to push the boundaries of high speed aircraft design. The lecture looks at the 12 Schneider Trophy contests held between 1912 and 1931, and considers the associated advances in propulsion, structures and aerodynamics.

The RAeS Bristol Branch looks forward to welcoming you to our December lecture.

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