The Harwell Cluster – UK’s Space Gateway

Peter Truss FRAeS, Head of Business Development for Space Activities, Science and Technology Facilities Council and Paul Febvre, Chief Technology Officer, Satellite Applications Catapult

21st January 2016

6.30pm – Concorde Room, BAWA, Southmead Road, BS34 7RG

Attendance is free and open to members and non-members.

Space represents one of the UK’s “8 Great Technologies”, acknowledged by the UK Government as a driving force for UK economic growth. The UK Space community is focused on delivery of the associated Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS), representing a partnership between industry and government to raise the UK’s share of the global space market from 6% to 10% by 2030. A key element of this strategy is the establishment of the UK Space Gateway, based on the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) campus at Harwell Oxfordshire.The Space Gateway comprises a growing cluster of space organisations including STFC’s RAL Space, Innovate UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult, ESA’s European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT), UK Space Agency and a rapidly expanding space industry presence from international systems integrators to SMEs, all aimed at growing the UK and European space economy.
This lecture will show how the Harwell Space Cluster is delivering both economic growth and science return and give some examples of the facilities, space applications and opportunities being created.

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