Collar Named Lecture: AlbatrossONE, Semi-Aeroelastic Hinge small scale flying demonstrator

by Tom Wilson – Airbus UK

AlbatrossONE first took to the skies in early 2019 to show the feasibility of flying an aircraft with freely flapping wing tips, the fundamental feature of the “Semi Aeroelastic Hinge” technology. This presentation will overview the principles behind the technology, summarise the need for the AlbatrossONE small scale flying demonstrator, provide an overview of the novel ground tests performed to prepare the aircraft for the second phase of the flight test campaign, and show the results of the flights conducted in July 2020, which included a full functional demonstration of the Semi Aeroelastic Hinge.

Date and Time

6.30pm – Tuesday 3rd November 2020

The online lecture will be on Google Meet starting at 6.15 pm.

There is a limitation of 100 online participants on a first come, first join basis.

Members and non-members very welcome!

For free tickets and online webinar joining details, please register here using the link here: Eventbright RAeS Bristol 2020 Collar Lecture Registration

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