Collar Named Lecture

Metamaterials and Bio-Composites for

Sustainable Aviation

by Prof Fabrizio Scarpa – University of Bristol

Fly Net Zero sets the challenge for civil aviation to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050. This objective can be achieved by accelerated efficiency measures, energy transition and strong innovation across the aviation sector. Climate Change also obliges us to use materials and manufacturing tools that are sustainable for the environment and society. This lecture focuses on the potential use of metamaterials and bio-based composites for airframe applications.

Metamaterials are architected and multiscale materials systems that provide combinations of unusual properties, not typically found in nature. This lecture will consider metamaterials for morphing surfaces (from trailing edges to morphing nacelles inlets), the acoustic and energy absorption offered by fractal structures, and use of auxetic (negative Poisson’s ratio) foams.

Examples of current bio-based composites for aircraft interiors will be described along with thoughts about how bio-based composites and coatings could be developed for bio-effective surfaces, enabling pandemic-resilient aircraft. Finally, a vision will be given of how meta and biobased materials could be integrated for future zero carbon emission aircraft designs, by interfacing synthetic biology and sustainable composite materials science.

Date and Time

6.30pm Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building, University of Bristol,

University Walk, BS8 1TH

Members and non-members very welcome

Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol – 75th Anniversary

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