Collar RAeS Named Lecture: En-route to the all-electric aircraft 

Design of a hybrid powertrain for an electric helicopter tail rotor by Dr Jason Yon and Prof. Phil Mellor, University of Bristol Over the past decade, continued advances in electric machines, energy storage and power converter technologies have made electric propulsion for aerospace a realistic proposition, with several research projects and demonstrators currently under development. In … Continue reading Collar RAeS Named Lecture: En-route to the all-electric aircraft 

The Future of Aerospace Manufacturing

A look inside the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre by Philip Spiers, FRAes – Head of Structural Integrity, AMRC The AMRC was established in 2001 as a £15 million collaboration between the University of Sheffield and aerospace giant Boeing. The centre grew rapidly and opened the AMRC Rolls-Royce Factory of the Future in 2008. The AMRC … Continue reading The Future of Aerospace Manufacturing

Air Accident Investigation – Lecture and AGM

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigates all civil aircraft accidents within the UK and overseas territories, ranging from minor incidents to catastrophic events. Senior Inspector Peter Coombs will present an overview of the work of the AAIB and discuss some of the most interesting cases from his varied career. Please note the AGM will begin at … Continue reading Air Accident Investigation – Lecture and AGM

February Lecture: The Perlan Project

An Engineless Aircraft Reaching the Edge of Space By Loris Gliner, Imperial College London The famous phrase from Star Trek captures the promise of the joy of scientific exploration, “Boldly going where no one has gone before”. The science of the Perlan Project is about doing something  that has never been done before and understanding what has … Continue reading February Lecture: The Perlan Project

January Branch Lecture – A Boat on Wings

by Laurent Declerck, Delft University and Airbus RAeS Bristol are extremely lucky to welcome back the winner of our Young Persons Lecture Competition to present to the wider branch. Laurent will speak about his experience the entering the fascinating World Championship of Solar Boat Racing and describe how he and his team of fellow aerospace … Continue reading January Branch Lecture – A Boat on Wings